What is photography?

This is a question as easy as it is complex to answer. Answering as a dictionary, photography is the result of the action of photographing, no, I don’t try to tease you, I just want to help you understand how metaconceptual (concept of concepts) this word is.

What is photographing?

In not-so-simple words, it is the process of creating representations of reality by capturing, through mechanical and/or electronic devices, the light that objects reflect and/or emit. This definition may seem very broad or abstract, but it’s the best definition I can give without delving into how, which we’ll talk about below.

How do I build a photograph?

Again, the explanation of this can complicate everything one proposes, but a photo is constructed through the incidence of light on a photosensitive (light-sensitive) material. That’s all, well almost, the thing is that not any amount of light serves to capture this representation.

How much light is right?

Before answering this question I want to make a clarification, that which I mentioned about the incidence of light on photosensitive material is known as an exhibition, it is a word that you will find very often throughout your life as a photographer. For more details on how to control exposure I wrote an article that you can find in this link.

What types of photography are there?

Here there are no simple answers, nor unique ones, there are many themes/styles/techniques by which to take photography, some keys to understanding why there are so many classifications are:

  • It depends on which segmentation criterion the ranking author has preset.
  • Styles can be mixed, for example, a photograph that retracts a folk festival of a town or city, can be at the same time documentary, street and traditional, a photograph in lingerie, can be at the same time, fashionable, erotic and boudoir.
  • Don’t take it too seriously, this is usually talked about to show the options you have when you’re starting out in photography, when you’ve found your way as a professional photographer or photographer or not, you won’t care where the border is between one type of photography and another.

Next I will try to contribute my grain of sand to shed light (never rather) on this topic:

Landscape Photos

landscape photography

Street photos

Street photography

Portrait photography or photographic portrait

portrait photography

Photos of babies or newborns

photo of newly needed

Photos of pregnant women or pregnancy

pregnancy photography

Pet photo.

Pet photography

Beauty photography.

beauty photography

Fashion photo.

fashion photography

Product photo.

product photo

Tradicional photo.

costumbrista photo

Documentary photography.

documentary photo