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What camera do i buy to begin in videography


This is a complementary article of another that I already made about which camera to choose to start in photography, as in that my recommendations are divided into three categories, hobby, for those who just want to create videos to entertain themselves and their friends, enthusiastic, for those who want to take a more elaborate step with a tendency to professionalism, and semi-professional, for those

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Basic photography – Exposure


Photography etymologically means to paint / write with light, our pencil/brush is light, but what is our canvas?, some photosensitive material, a film, photodiodes of a sensor, etc., some kind of surface that reacts to light. With the above we can understand the importance of exposure, exposure is the amount of light that reaches the photosensitive material to form an image. Underexposure and overexposure If

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What camera to buy to get started in photography?


This is the question that has been asked more times when buying a camera, and although much has been written about it, I will try to answer how I would have liked to be answered at the time. How much do you think about getting involved? The question that gives title to this article, although it has been done many times is not always with

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What the mirrorless cameras are?


As the name says, without a mirror, mirrorless cameras are camera without a mirror But what's new about this? Does it mean that all the other cameras that are not called mirrorless have a mirror? Not exactly, there is a bit of marketing behind this term, mirrorles was used, and is still used, in contrast and to differentiate from the DSLR also known as reflex,

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